OS X Planet

Author's Notes
• OSXplanet is a cocoa program that is based on the popular program, xplanet (by Hari Nair). It is able to generate live images of the earth as well as other planets in the solar system with additional informations such as the current clouds, storms, satellites, volcanos, earthquakes and times and locations of cities.
• Please note that currently OSXplanet version 2.0 is only for Leopard.
• Please note that as of version 1.0, OSXplanet no longer supports computers running Mac OS X 10.2 and below.
• I am 19 years old and am fairly inexperienced with programming (self-taught). Any and all comments, compliments and ideas will be appreciated.
• If you'd like to translate OSXplanet into any other languages, please drop me a note by going to the contact page.
• I am not responsible for any damage OSXplanet may cause on your machine.
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